Monday, December 17, 2012

K's House, Ito City in Izu

Last week Emi and I had the pleasure of spending the night at "K's House" Backpackers Hostel.
K's House is over 100 years old and is registered as a cultural heritage. It is only a couple blocks from the ocean (east coast of Izu Peninsula) and overlooks the Matsukawa river.

K's House (riverside view)


Emi explores the different floors.

Our room

Entrance to another room

Party room

Observation tower

After checking in we went for a nice walk along the Matsukawa river where I encountered a couple of the local inhabitants.

Tough looking bird

K's house doesn't serve meals so we had dinner at a local restaurant near the Ito train station

Food and service were both excellent

We walked along the river on our return to K's

K's looks very inviting at night

Outside looking in

The staff working the front desk great us with smiles

Next morning we made coffee in the communal kitchen and enjoyed it in the lounge area



There is also free Internet access in the lounge too

We could have cooked our own breakfast in the kitchen but instead we walked to a family restaurant that is only a block away and enjoyed a nice hot meal there.

In conclusion, K's House is neat, clean, cozy, the staff are friendly and the interior and exterior is awesome. Also, the room rates are cheap! We had a great stay.

All the best,

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