Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shooting with a film camera

A small voice in my head said "get a film camera and some film". I don't know why after all these years of shooting with a digital camera I would return to film. I do know one thing, I've been spoiled by the convenience of a digital camera - everything is figured out for you - point & shoot - done! My new Voigtlander rangefinder is really old school, everything is manual; one really needs to slow down and think things through before pressing the shutter button. Anyway, here are some images that took with some Fuji color print film and then scanned so that I could post them here.

Hinodecho at noon.

The Bashamichi Taproom. I'm told that this is a nice place to get a bite to eat and a cold beer.

I won't be finding out about that today - they're closed.

Yokohama Marine Tower as seen from Yamashita Park

The Ookagawa river

Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen (Harbor View Park) near Motomachi

Aka Renga Soko

Kanagawa Prefectual Museum of Cultural History (Bashamichi)

The Bashamichi horse head street marker.

A shrine in Kawasaki

Colorful lanterns near the shrine

A fountain donated to Yokohama City by the country of India

The view from America-yama park near Motomachi

Emi took this one. Enjoying a cold one after a day of photography!

I think I need to get a few more rolls of film run through the camera before I'll be satidfying my artistic innener child with the results. However, it's the process of creating images with film that is exciting me. And, hopfully there will be some improvment in the pictures with some experience with the camera and the film.

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