Sunday, February 26, 2017

Minami Izu - 3 Days in Paradise!

We went to Minami Izu for a 3 day trip and found ourselves in paradise. We scheduled the trip well in advance and didn't realize that the Kawazu-zakura along the Aonogawa river would be in full bloom.

Day 1: We arrive!
After arriving at the Shimoda train station we took a local bus to our hotel at Yumigahama beach. It was to early to check in but they did take our bags and then we were off to see the cherry blossoms.

Emi looks great in these beautiful surroundings.

Less than a 10 minute walk from the hotel and we're on the Kawazu-zakura Aonogawa river trail.

This is fantastic - it touches ones heart to walk along the river.

There's more than one way to view the blossoms.

One with nature, or maybe I should say two with nature.

I can't walk more than 10 feet without snapping a picture.

The tree branches reach out to the river.

Working our way back to the hotel so that we can check in and enjoy the hot spring bath before dinner.

We enjoyed more than a relaxing soak in the bath before dinner. Cheap whisky and coke! Kind of a juvenile drink for a man of my age, but, who cares! It tasted good.

A little matcha green tea and shochu also helped to unwind from a day of travel and our walk in paradise.

Day 2: The sun rises.

Before breakfast I went to Yumigahama beach to enjoy the sunrise. The beach is only about a one minute walk from the hotel.

I wasn't the only person that enjoyed a morning walk along the ocean.

It's so nice out here.

After breakfast it was time to hit the river trail again. I had decided to walk the entire length of the Kawazu-zakura tree line and of course take a million pictures of everything.

The mustard greens in bloom are an added bonus.

Fortunately it's an easy trail to walk.

The river is so nicely maintained.

This is truly a beautiful day.

Total strangers great each other with smiles and a knowing nod of the head that we our lucky to be here today.

So many people are leaving the paved trail and instead are walking along the river bank.

Everyone is taking pictures.

I reached the end of the trail, had a sandwich for lunch, and then started back.

The river gets wider as it gets closer to reaching the ocean.

Blessed with a blue sky today.

Fields of gold.

Mustard greens are amazing when they are in full bloom.

Dead weeds as an art form - why not?

The river leads me back to the ocean and it's time to go to the hotel for a nice long soak in the hot spring bath.

Day 3: Say goodbye to paradise

No dramatic sunrise today and I don't care. It's still wonderful to be here.

A final look back at the ocean before returning to the hotel for breakfast and then the return journey home.

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