Monday, March 6, 2017

An Ocean View, A Doll Museum & Flowers too!

The things one sees and does in the course of a week. Last week I went wherever my feet took me. I had no plan, I just walked out of the house with a camera in my hand and happiness in my heart; here's what happened.

I wound up at Nobi beach.

Rusty fence and grey sky, looks good to me.

Practically had the whole place to myself.

Looking back at the Miura coast line.

Another day, another destination.

Sunshine and early blooming tulips at the Kurihama flower park.

Lower the drawbridge, a peak inside.

The Kurihama flower park is high up on a hill. Looking up for a moment from the tulips I noticed that the ferry was just about to arrive at the Kurihama ferry port.

Back to the tulips.

Those are not raindrops - a gardener just finished watering the flowers.

And yet another day and since I was in the vicinity of the Yokohama Doll Museum I decided to go in for a look around.

There was a special exhibition of Ohinasama dolls.

Quite impressive.

A golden couple.

Other dolls that are part of the permanent exhibit. This one is a bit dark and foreboding.

Dolls from around the world.

An angry doll.

A doll's doll.

A doll with a see through top. No detail is to small.

I went back to the Ohinasama dolls for a last look and then I was off.

Passing through town, working my way to the Ookagawa river.

A river gull.

Potted plants growing on the riverside.

Plum blossoms are popping out everywhere.

Also in a multitude of colors.

As I walk along a back street there are flowers blooming in front of almost every house.

I guess spring is here!

I don't know their names but that doesn't stop me from taking their picture.

The last day out of the week and I'm in Yamashita park where the gardeners have been very busy planting flowers for the spring flower festival..

Seeing red in Yamashita park.

Now I'm seeing yellow.

These are so lovely.

Last shot of a week with no plan. A yellow dream.

Thanks for stopping by!

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