Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Destination - Jogashima Island!

At the southern tip of Miura Peninsula (Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) is the beautiful island of Jogashima. To get to the island I took a bus from the Misakiguchi train station. The island is the last stop on the bus route (it only cost 400 yen).

The first sight I saw after getting off the bus was a small seafood restaurant.

And, then as I started to roam around the sights became one spectacular scene after another.

This place is amazing. Old jagged lava flows reaching into the sea.

A hill top view of the Misaki fishing port on the mainland side of the channel.

That's Mt. Fuji across the bay.

Lava flows like long skinny fingers pointing seaward.

The only thing missing from this picture is you and your loved one sitting side by side, hand in hand, gazing out at the ocean.

Fisherman looking to land the big one.

Oshima island in the distance. At least I think it's Oshima island.

Walking around the ocean side of the island. The water is crystal clear.

Looking back at where I'd been. It's not an overly difficult walk but one needs to pay attention to where one steps, it's easy to trip and fall on the rocky trail; not that I fell down 😊

Following the trail to higher ground I am surrounded by beautiful coastal scenery.

The trail gets considerably easier as I enter the Jogashima Park on the western end of the island.

Pack a lunch and bring the kids! This is a great park. Well maintained  grounds, clean restrooms, and...

Majestic views!

There are also trails (steps with handrails) that lead from the park down to the beach.

Returning to the channel side of the island there are a number of colorful restaurants; all selling seafood and other delights.

Of course there is sport diving.

There is also a thriving fishing industry

From the fishing docks one gets a grand view of the bridge that connects the island with the mainland.

Returning to port.

An assortment of fishing junk nets, floats, lines, and other stuff on the dockside.

Aloe Vera flowers are blooming on every corner of the island and everywhere in between.

Getting up close with the bridge. By-the-way, this is a toll bridge; pedestrians are free, all others must pay.

There's a small park at the foot of the bridge.

This park is where I had my picnic lunch. Just me and the daffodils enjoying the moment.

The view from the top of the bridge facing to the east.

Facing toward Misaki fishing port.

 The view from the top of the bridge facing to the west. I have no idea what the box shaped concrete structure is in the water.

Fortified with my meal and still feeling exhilarated with my exploration of the island I decided to return to the ocean side coast for a second look around.

A fisherman throwing chum into the water.

The swells keep rolling in.

Walking the trail back to the bus stop.

A convenient spot along the trail for resting up.

Looking back at paradise before calling it a day.

Last shot of the day: The lonely bus stop.
I hear this place is packed with visitors on the weekend and especially in the summer time. I highly recommend visiting during the work week. It's nice to be retired!

Thanks for stopping by!

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