Friday, June 24, 2016

Voigtlander Super Wide 15mm Meets Yokohama

I was in the mood to shoot some really wide angle stuff so I put my Voigtlander Super Wide-Heliar 15mm f4.5 Aspherical III lens on my Sony A7II camera and headed out the door.

One thing nice about a super wide lens is that one can get really close to the subject and still get them completely in the frame.

The people are close and the big picture background is too.

By setting the f-stop to f-8 everything is nice and sharp.

The Museum in Bashamichi is always a nice place to check out a wide angle lens.

I was lucky to get some nice clouds on this day. I just noticed that I'm using the word "nice" a lot to describe things. Oh well, what can I say, "it's so nice today".

Lookin' good!

The wide perspective can turn boring locations into something special.

Time for a selfie!

The sky is the limit!

The old familiar suddenly looks new.

I call this "Horizontal Stonehenge".

The Yokohama Customs House.

I'm so glad the clouds came out to play today.

The city is dwarfed by the sky.

The Yokohama International Passenger Terminal is always a great place to shoot wide.

It's also popular with the joggers.

The Indian Pavilion in Yamashita park.

The Promenade.

She said she looked good in any color as long as it's black.

Post cards from the waterfront.

It was gardening day at the rose garden.

I love the details, so close and so far away.

Running down the road!

Motomachi shopping street.

The cramped and crowded streets of China Town are a great place to put the 15mm lens through it's pace.

There are hundreds of restaurants in China Town and they all serve Chinese food! Makes deciding where to eat a real chore.

Of course one can just buy some food from a stand and eat on the street.

There must be a dress code here, everyone is looking so nice.

Ah, here's a guy dressed like me; I don't feel so out of place now.

School trip!

It's girls day at the baseball stadium.

A super wide view of a crosswalk.

Just point and shoot - it's all good!

Last shot of the day: The big view of Hinodecho crossing.
It was a great day and terrific fun using the 15mm lens and the Sony A7II camera.

Thanks for stopping by!

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