Friday, June 3, 2016

Walking In Sunshine

That's it, were walking in the sunshine today. It's that time of year, just before the rainy season when we enjoy sunny summer weather without the heat and humidity. So, here are some street scenes of people out and about on a beautiful sunny day.

Not only is this couple walking in the sunshine, it looks like they're going to get hit by a car in the sunshine. Not to worry, no humans were actually harmed in the making of this blog post.

Hey everybody, look over here!

Badges and business casual attire... looks like work to me.

Lunch is over and it's time to get back to the office.

Is it time for a selfie?

Here's a man with a film camera taking pictures. He's living the dream.

When I look at this picture I see a black hole opening up over the head of the lady on the right. In a moment the lady on the left will look at her friend only she won't be there; she'll have vanished! Sucked into another timezone or maybe another universe by the black hole.

Shorts are best for walking in the sunshine.

Public nudity.

Bashamichi gate.

I see she got the dress code memo authorizing shorts too!

She had a look of determination about her.

One can tell by the shadow that the parasol is doing the job.

The family man.

Bicycles are cool!

Another happy camper.

She let him out of the house with his white socks on - very hip!

Now that's a nice summer yukata.

Here we come
Walkin' down the street
Hey hey we're the workers

It's always nice to see a familiar face in  crowd.

Next up - sunshine in Chinatown!

I like the lantern shadows on the ground.

Another near accident averted.

Sometimes the sun shines on the beautiful people.

A street corner, which way do we go?

Shine on me.

A classy street vendor selling roasted chestnuts.

The chef proudly stands outside his restaurant scratching himself.  I think I'll pass.

Students on a school field trip really excited about visiting Chinatown.

Still looking for the excitement.

Hey! it's the blonde girl again!

Time for a coffee break. Today I'm having ice coffee.

Pedestrians like me. Time to head to the train station and go home.

Here's the thing, if one looks out the window one can see the train going in the opposite direction whizzing by just inches away from the train I'm on. Do Not stick your arm or any other part of your body out the window.
Ha ha, don't worry, the windows don't open :-)  

After a day out in the sun it's time to duck into a bar for a nice cold drink. And, I see I'm in good company.

Bartender, I'll have the usual, green tea and shochu on ice - cheers!

Thanks for stopping by!

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