Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Greatest Show on Earth

The greatest show on Earth isn't necessarily a three ring circus; although for some people it very well may be.

On this particular day my greatest show was just around the corner from where this street entertainer was performing.

Ah! Here it is, Mother Nature at her finest and the show is absolutely free for admission.

Hydrangea just starting to bloom.

Late Spring, early Summer, a visit to Yokohama Park, or any other park, is home to the marvels of Mother Nature. One only needs to want to take a moment and look around at the beauty that is blooming everywhere around us.

While "stop and smell the roses" may be a bit cliche, it still applies to our everyday life.

These flowers were growing on the side of a busy street near Osanbashi.

Yamashita park is full of natures surprises!

It's a jungle of beauty.

Like a thousand little butterflies huddling together.

There's a reason Claude Monet liked to paint nature scenes. BTW, the anthers on this flower remind me of roasted coffee beans.

Behold the Lily!

They come in many colors.

Soft pastels...

As well as multiple colored.

I am fond of the orange ones.

 One need not know the name of a flower to appreciate it's beauty. In other words; I have no idea what the name of this flower is, but I like it!

Good old fashion daisies.

They may be common place but they're no less beautiful.

The rose.

Mix it all up, the variety is what makes this special.

Lavender - an old fashioned fragrance that needs to make a comeback.

The other part of the greatest show on Earth - People!

I'm fascinated with the the world of people all around me.

We're all different and yet we've all gathered to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Everyone is really into these flowers - some people are pretty excited about being here.

Well, maybe not everyone.

Hey! this is pretty cool. Newly weds having their picture taken in the park.

They look so happy together.

 Last flower of the day. Any fool can take a picture of a flower but only nature can make one.

Last shot of the day. These flowers are actually quite small, luckly I had a macro lens to do this closeup.
I hope everyone enjoys the beauty of these flowers. Please try to find the time to get out and see them for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by!

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