Thursday, December 31, 2015

My world through a Voigtlander 15mm lens

The 15mm lens is considered an ultra-wide lens. It seems that most people who do my style of photography prefer a lens in the 28mm ~ 50mm range and normally I do too. So, what's up with me using a 15mm lens on a walk-about? Heck, I just wanted to see what I could do with it! My lens is the Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 Aspherical III (M-mount) manual focus super wide-heliar. And. I've mounted it on a Sony A7II with a Voigtlander close focus adapter. Now, having said all that, let's look at what this thing can do!

Well, we get the big picture!

For this image I was only standing about 3 feet away from the young lady talking on the cell phone.

Ultra-wide is good in enclosed spaces.

I like the perspective, seems to work well on architectural structures.

It allows one to get close and also get it all in.

Standing on a corner, watching the world go by.

Up close and far away.

Enclosed and all around, the arched entrance to the Customs House.

Police in the front, Yokohama Customs House in the back.

It's a lovely day to go jogging.

This lens is remarkably versatile. This is truly what they meant when they said "f8 and be there".

Like pawns on a chessboard.

The Indian pavilion in Yamashita park.

The Hikawa Maru, also in Yamashita park.


Fountain in the front, Marine Tower in the back.

They sell diamonds in this store.

And, they sell chop suey in here - welcome to China Town!

With the crowded alleys full of restaurants and stores, China Town is a great place to check out a 15mm lens.

Leaving the entrance behind.


In a confined ally I can get the entire restaurant in  the picture while only standing a few feet from the entrance.

Last shot of the walk-about. This shop is always busy. From the morning when they open to the evening when they close there are always customers in the front buying chicken, and it isn't cheap! I guess when it comes to food, quality is King!
The final word on the 15mm lens - "I-love-it"

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