Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Smile and say goodbye and hello

I closed out last year and started this year with this set of images. It's all about people. Happy, sad, looking for something, finding something; maybe happiness, maybe not. I just stroll around trying to find people doing what makes them happy or just doing what they want to do. Check it out!

Ice skating for fun.

He's been doing it for years because it makes him happy.

She's keeping her friend from falling on her face.

It's a beautiful day for a walk.

It's also a rather dramatic looking day when one turns and faces the sun.

I'm reflecting.

A scene like this would put a smile on the face of the late, great, film director Alfred Hitchcock.

It's always a good day when the love of my life smiles at me.

The man with the green coat is a frequent flyer in Yamashita park. He's a friend to both seagulls and pigeons.

The crowd parted and there she was, freezing cold and fashionably dressed.

Best chicken shop in town.

Ramen anyone?

A fine looking cyclist.

The man practically had the entire train station to himself.

Motomachi shopping street.

A sharp dressed man.

Another sharp dressed man. This is what one sees when one is in the trendy part of town.

His and her poodles. I don't thing I have what it takes to be part of this trendy set.

I'll just stick with the everyday variety of happy people.

This time of year the seagulls are everywhere.

Birds of a different feather flock together.

The Yokohama Inter-Continental Hotel. A nice place to stay if you can afford it; I can't.

This is the best for them that are not afraid of heights and are not prone to motion sickness.

More seagulls facing the mighty Ookagawa river.

Reflections of the Minatomirai skyline.

Taxi driver buddies taking a break and catching up on what's been happening.

I'm not the only one out for a stroll today.

The last shot! "Mother & Child"
Have a Happy New Year everyone. And, as always...

Thanks for stopping by!

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