Wednesday, December 2, 2015


"The best things in life are free"

Look up! It doesn't cost a penny more to pause and look up at the sky and check out the clouds.

The contrast of the blue sky, the wispy white clouds and the roof line of the Kanagawa Historical Museum make for a pretty picture.

Mother nature at her finest.

Of course the man made touch can be quite artistic too! Like this restaurant entrance.

The cloud view  over the new Japan Agriculture building near the Yokohama waterfront is spectacular.

As well as the view above the Customs House building across the street.

And, it keeps getting better by the minute.

The view toward the Yokohama Port Authority.

The nearby Kanagawa Prefectural Government Building is surrounded by beautiful yellow leafed trees and covered by beautiful wispy clouds.

Pausing to look down on the ground, the ginko nut trees are in full autumn mode shedding their beautiful yellow leaves on the ground.

Today a lot of painters are camped out on Nihon Odori trying to capture the beautiful Fall scenery with water color paints on paper.

It's a lovely day to be outdoors.

The cloudy skies above Minato Mirai are not quite as dramatic as the day goes by.

Now here's a fine view over the Breezbay Hotel.

All this walking around as made us hungry so down underground we go to the restaurants near the Sakuragicho subway station.

Plenty of restaurants to choose from.

After lunch our mission changed from cloud viewing to looking for tea containers to send to a friend as a Christmas gift.

Two against the world.

Typical street scenery as we search the many tea shops and stores of the Isezaki Shopping street.

Looks like this Chinese restaurant has been around along time.

Success! Emi finds the perfect tea containers in a small tea shop in the Yokohama Bashi shopping arcade.

After buying the containers we sauntered over to the flee market in Odori Koen.

"Are you looking at me?"

Honestly, a lot of the stuff at the flee market is kind of junky. However, this vendor had some really nice wood products.

Cutting boards, buckets, stools... all well made products at reasonable prices.

Last cloud shot of the day as we crossed over the Ookagawa river on our way to the train station.

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  1. I wonder why they made these water circles in the restaurant entrance.