Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kurihama - Tuesday Afternoon

I'm giving the Voigtlander 50mm f1.5 lens (VM mount) a spin on my Sony A7II camera.

Just stepped out of the train station - hello Kurihama!

The fishing boats operating out of Kurihama tie up in the Hirasaku-gawa river.

They just fit under the bridge. High tide may be a problem.

The boats are big and the river is small and yet these guys can turn their boats on a dime.

Old fishing nets and floats are piled up here and there.

From where the boats are moored to the train station is only about a 3 minute walk.

This mooring pile has seen better days.

And, so have these floats.

Take me to the river

Where the river meets the sea. In the background are the smoke stacks of the Yokosuka thermal power plant.

How to avoid chafing your boat on a mooring post.

Doesn't anyone get rid of their junk around here?

Powerful tug boats.

The mighty Hayama!

Fishermen in the foreground, the Kurihama car ferry in the background.

Fishing as a spectators sport.

As I walk by the tugs I can smell the diesel fuel used to power their powerful engines.

Huge truck tires are chained to the nose of the tug to prevent the tug from damaging ships.

While this isn't exactly a tourist destination I do find this place quite enjoyable for a leisurely walk about.

Aids to navigation.

The car ferry is underway!

It's making it's turn toward the Boso peninsula.

And... there she goes! Bon Voyage!

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