Friday, August 28, 2015

Miura Beach on a Thursday afternoon

Miura beach is located on the east side of Miura peninsula in Kanagawa prefecture and it's only about a 5 minute walk from the Miurakaigon train station on the Keikyu Kurihama train line. So, now that you know how to get there, let's see what awaits you!

First glance of the very popular Miura beach!

Exquisite water front property that rivals the best that Malibu has to offer.

A nice fix-me-upper for those on a budget.

Well, all kidding aside this is a nice local beach that is good for a day trip when you want to get away from the rat race of daily work life.

Solitude can be a good thing. Reconnect with nature and all that kind of stuff.

Kick off your flip-flops and feel the sand and salt water between your toes.

Wood poles that are used to roll boats up the beach to higher ground.

Enjoying some board sports in the awesome surf.

Due to the low crime rate in Japan people feel free to leave their valuable property unattended.

You know what is missing in this picture? It's You! Get a beach blanket, some sunscreen, the novel you've been wanting to read and fill in the blank.

Boogie boards (or whatever kind of boards they are) stacked up for the off season.

A couple of beach combers enjoying the last days of August out in the sun.

Somebody's been collecting seashells.

Kind of looks like eyeballs staring back at me.

This nylon line looks like an exotic sea anemone species. How's that for imagination?

The year round residents of Miura beach.

A grandfather spending time with his grandson.

Another grandfather hauling his sleepy grandchild from the beach to the parking lot.

Tell me, what is my life without your love
Tell me, who am I without you, by my side
What Is Life -- George Harrison

Hey! it's people! This is the more popular area of Miura beach.

Complete safety with certified lifeguards.

Plenty of room for everybody. No need for crowd control. Just plop down wherever you want and soak up the sun.

A typical seasonal beach hut. Erected only during the summer season, this hut will be crawling with people on the weekend.

Legless beach tents. I guess they're hobbled so they won't run away.

A couple of local boys giving me all the attention I deserve.
And with that, it's time to return to the train station and head home for the day.

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