Friday, September 11, 2015

Destination - Numazu!

On the road again! This time the destination is the city of Numazu. Numazu is located on the upper west side of the Izu peninsula in Shizuoka prefecture.

The first stop of the trip was Shimoda city where Emi needed to visit a kimono recycle shop.

This shop sells used kimonos and also the silk material used to make kimonos. The shop has piles and piles of beautiful silk material.

Emi is on the prowl in the back of the shop.

One of the shop staff is helping to guide her through the mountains of silk to find the pattern that will best suit her.

Perhaps this kimono top coat will be the catch of the day.

A second staffer comes bearing more silk treasure as Emi tries on a pair of pants that was custom made for her (ordered on our last trip to Shimoda).

Now all the shop staff have assembled to help Emi try on a silk overcoat. Emi is having the time of her life!

Moving on. After leaving Shimoda we motored up the west side of Izu peninsula and stopped at the town of Kumomi.

Kumomi is a popular sport diving spot.

On the left side of the concrete wall divers are preparing to dive. On the right side is a free natural hot spring bath.

Most divers go for deeper water on this charter boat.

This really is a beautiful place.

This stream runs through the middle of the town...

...and, runs into the ocean here.

One last look before we continue up the west coast.

The first night of the trip we spent in a hotel in the town of Matsuzaki. This is the view of Suruga bay from our room.

This is another view from or room the next morning.

People are out early for fishing.

After checking out of the hotel we hit the road and by noon we arrived at Numazu. The first place we went was Senbonhama beach.

The unique thing about this beach is that there is no sand.

The beach is comprised completely of smooth stones.

And, a lot of driftwood.

This beach is so tranquil. The only thing one hears is the crunching of the smooth pebbles as one walks along the shore.

Skipping stones.

Next stop was Mishima grand shrine.

A lovely place.

The thing I like about shrines is the stress free atmosphere.

Make a wish, say a prayer, and hang it on a hook.

Last stop of the day was to the Kakitagawa park where there are artesian wells bubbling up with water from the melted snow on Mt. Fuji.

The spring water feeds the Kakitagawa river. And, at this point it started to rain and we ended our sightseeing for the day and checked into our hotel for the night.
It was a great trip and I look forward to returning to Numazu in the future.

Thanks for stopping by!

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