Friday, August 14, 2015

I'm not on vacation

We're in the middle of Obon. Obon is an August week in Japan where everyone goes on vacation. Well, not everyone. Some of us are not on vacation. This is our story.

No place to go, nothing to do, might as well hang out on the corner.

Four story buildings are not required to have an elevator. This is the kind of useless information we share when we're not on vacation.

Just a man with a camera trying to be creative in the absence of anything better to do.

He was left behind to mind the store while the rest of the family went to Korea on vacation.

Some people are to young to know that they aren't on vacation. Sometimes the less you know the better off you are.

Aimlessly drifting around.

Returning from the city pool. The children were tricked into thinking that this is a vacation.

This train station is normally packed with people. Today those people are out of town on vacation.

No time off for the Colonel,

Motomachi shopping street entrance - practically deserted.

Workers thinking about where they'd rather be than at work.

The baker receiving a call from his friend who is on the beach in Waikiki.

No crowds at the Yokohama Harbor View Park.

Where one has a view of the harbor. Or, the buildings on the landfill where the harbor used to be.

I'm just moving along through Yamashita park.

Despite not being on a vacation I'm having a pretty good time.

"Always look on the bright side of life"

Who needs a vacation when one lives in such a nice place like this?

Just think about those people stuck in crowded airports, or in traffic jams on toll roads. Vacations suck.

Us lucky people left behind have the benefit of breezing through nearly empty subway stations.

Sidewalks with no need for crowd control.  

Bars where on needn't worry about having a little elbow room at the bar.

Plenty of room in this bar too.

Need a table for two? No problem.

Bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle!

Today's public safety tip: When one is on the train platform always stay behind the yellow line.

Because otherwise one may get flattened by a passing train.

In conclusion -- I don't need no vacation, my life is a vacation...

...because I'm living it with my wonderful wife! Cheers!

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