Friday, April 24, 2015

An eclectic life

This is the first time I've used the word eclectic in one of my posts. It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue and it doesn't even rhyme with anything but I'm going with it anyway. So, here are my eclectic life images from a couple of days last week.

Children don't walk they float on a cloud of energy. Parents walk.

The tulips in Yokohama park were still going strong.

Enter the white tulips.

They possess an elegance that their multicolored neighbors can't quite match.

They bend but the don't break.

The tulip security guard

Capturing an image.

Moving on... the cherry blossoms are gone and have been replaced by green leaves. Green is good.

A walk in the park will do me some good.

The Noge district looks better at night.

Another sign of spring is the outdoor cafe.

When I said eclectic, I meant eclectic! Samba dancers!

This is why I always make Yoshida-cho a part of my walkabout. They know how to throw a block party.

Dancing in the street!

And, here comes the drum corps.

Can't dance without a beat.

Another day in the park...

...followed by lunch at the wine bar.

The window on my world is filled with soft light. Actually, this is part of the Yokohama Historical Archive; a building that was originally the British Consulate.

On a warm spring afternoon Yamashita park is a nice place to be.

If one prefers a little solitude, French Hill Park is good.

More cherry trees gone to green. It should be noted that Yokohama city is a pedestrian friendly place to be. The promenades are wide and well maintained.

A clean city is a happy city.

End of the day for me, back to the train station.

Last shot of the day: One of my neighbors Azalea bushes is looking quite beautiful as it escapes from the garden fence.

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