Friday, April 17, 2015

A walk at the beach - Minami Izu

Last weekend we went to the southern end of the Izu peninsula to enjoy a lovely walk on the beaches.

Far to cold for swimming but that doesn't stop the surfers.

A little further down the road is this beach. It's the least popular of the Izu beaches because it's covered with stones. For that reason it's my favorite; this place is never too crowded in the summer.

In Japan it seems that every beach has a seawall.

Next to the stony beach is the amazing Ryugu Sea Cave.

It's like a big crater with one opening to the sea and another opening on the inland side.

This is a must see to believe kind of place.

This is the view from the top of the Sea Cave.

Driving along the western side of the peninsula one is treated with some wonderful seascapes.

The view is fantastic!

The last beach of the day is Yumegahama. Some good old boys out for a leisurely motorcycle ride.

More surfers.

Surfs up! Ride the wild waves! Hang ten!

Or, just take the dog for a walk.

It doesn't matter that the waves are small, the important thing is to just get out there and have fun.

It must be tea time.

I don't think that it is well known that such nice sandy beaches exist here.

A nice quiet place to sit and relax.

After leaving Yumegahama we needed to kill a little time before we could check into our inn for the night so we went for a walk around the seaside town of Shimoda.

Quite a picturesque place.

Dried fish... yummy!

A building was recently demolished and it exposed this long unseen sign.

Last shot of the day: the bar is this way!

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