Saturday, May 2, 2015

Golden Week - Done Dirt Cheap!

Golden Week, the week long vacation when them that can afford it travel to exotic places and spend a lot of money staying in expensive hotels, eat at pricey restaurants and shop for overpriced designer brand goods. And, then you have the rest of us poor slobs that stay home and do things that don't cost too much. Well, that ain't so bad; here's what I'm doing:

For starters, get up early and enjoy a cup of coffee while walking around our flower garden.

Then, head to Yokohama where there's always something to do that doesn't coast anything.

Hanging out in Yamashita park with the other people who couldn't afford to fly to Hawaii.

Go for a walk around The Bluff with a friend.

Walking around the Isezakicho shopping street doesn't cost a dime if all you do is walk.

The waterfront is another good place to sight see for free.

Man! That is one big cruise ship moored at Oosanbashi.

It's a lot cheaper to dream about going on a cruise than it is to actually go on a cruise.

A day cruise on the much smaller Royal Wing dinner cruise ship is much cheaper and at the end of the day you're back in your own home sleeping in your own bed!

The ultimate in cost savings! Go to the luxurious"Hotel New Grand" and just walk around.

There's the inner courtyard with it's charming fountain.

The elegant second floor sitting room.

No need to check in to the hotel, just take some time to sit by a window and enjoy the old world atmosphere.

This room is as historical as it is beautiful.

High ceilings and hanging lamps add so much to the interior.

I think this place was built in 1927.

I hate to leave but there's so much more to do.

A free concert in front of Kannai Hall. Everyone likes rock & roll, right?


Ok, back to things to do that don't cost much:



Consuming alcohol in public

Consuming more alcohol in public

Walking along the Nihon Odori avenue

One of my favorites - people watching!

And, lastly, a free Taiko drum performance in front of the Kanagawa Prefecture Government building.

These high school kids put on a great show.

This is some great entertainment - these kids are good!

It does my heart good to see young people devote themselves to such artistic endeavors.

Well, that's just a sample of the many things that can be done during golden week dirt cheap!

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