Wednesday, January 21, 2015

There is a Park in Nogeyama

Yes, there is a Park in Nogeyama and it's a nice one too. This is not a fancy park, it's not a park that is geared toward picturesque Japanese landscapes; this is a park where people can come to let their children run around, fly a kite, or enjoy a picnic lunch under the beautiful blue sky. This is my kind of park.

Here I am at the entrance, well my shadow is at the entrance. We've got a good strong sun out today,

Wondering around the park I noticed a bronze bust of a man so I had a closer look.

Who is this man?

Now you know. If you Google his name you'll see he had an interesting life.

This park has nice wide walkways.

There's even a place for playing half-court basketball.

There's a nice observation platform with a view of Yokohama city. On the ground level are clean restrooms.

One view from the platform.

Descending from the hill top park on the way downtown I passed by this dance studio.

How does one say "Pizza Hut" in Japanese? It's easy!

Passing through another park (Yamashita), I see a Father & Son enjoying the day.

I also had a chance to see two classy looking ladies in Kimonos.

Man, this afternoon Sun is strong.

Here we are at the entrance to Furansu-yama (French Hill) located at the beginning of Motomachi. A nice place to bring a thermos of coffee and a book or newspaper for some outdoor peace and quite.

Now this looks like a great playground complete with a rocket ship on loan from NASA.

And, if one really wants some peace and quite it can be found right here! 

Hey! here comes the bus and I'm out of here!

Thanks for stopping by!

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