Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yokohama Jazz Promenade 2014, day 2

The first day was so much fun we decided to return for the 2nd day. By the time we got there the serious fans were already starting to gather.

When they introduced this girl as the trumpet player I thought no way. She looked to thin to blow soap bubbles let alone blow notes on a trumpet.

Well, I was wrong; she played beautifully - very impressive!

Next up we headed back to the park in front of the World Porters Shopping Mall for some big band style swing. Fans of all ages were already enjoying the music.

They mixed it up with numbers by Glen Miller and some nice arrangements of songs by Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel.

The biggest treat of the day was next. Behind the Cup Noodle Museum (yes, there is a Cup Noodle museum) by the waterfront a Junior High School band was just about to start.

These girls were fantastic! They played like professionals.

I could not believe that they were a Junior High band.

When they finished the crowd started chanting for more but because of the tight schedule they couldn't.

The waterfront background made for a nice environment for listening to the music.

Another High School band was up next and they were as equally gifted with talent as the first band.

Not only were they good, they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy performing too.

Not a band without a drummer.

After the second band we decided we'd had enough music for the day and it was time to walk about and enjoy being outside on such a nice day.

 We were not alone.

Some people can only handle so much of a good thing and then it's time to take a break.

We were happily surprised to find  another festival was being held at Nippon Odori; including some traditional dancing.

I guess one is never to old for a little street dancing.

One street vendor was serving up some hot goat meat; it smelled great.

As the day was getting long the temperature started getting cool and Emi took the lead to go home.

Looks like everyone is going home!

It was a great day - can't wait for next weekend.

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