Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Promenade must go on, and Jazz too!

A typhoon is heading our way so I'm staying local this weekend. Just walking about in the usual places; and that's fine with me. I draw comfort from plodding along in familiar territory.

The challenge lies in seeing the same old things with a fresh outlook.

And, while the places remain the same, the people are always new!

Smile and the world smiles with you.

It's hard to tell but there are three guys stuffed in the back of that peddle cab.

If one is going to exercise in public one should at least keep their back straight.

Cycling, cycling, in the prime of my life and I'll keep cycling.

The peaceful serenity of the turtle pond in Yokohama Park.

Flowers line the Promenade.

Speaking of Promenade, next weekend is the Yokohama Jazz Promenade 2014. This is a "must see" two day live Jazz extravaganza! I'll be there, if you see me say hello!

Sometimes when I walk along the city streets I have a song in my head and there is nothing better than the Burt Bacharach and Hal David tunes to keep me going in a town like this.

I walk along the city streets, you used to walk along with me
And every step I take reminds me of just how we used to be
Oh, how can I forget you, girl, when there is
Always something there to remind me
Always something there to remind me

A prelude to a Jazz Promenade? As I passed through the Bashamichi district I was fortunate to arrive at Kannai Hall just as this little combo started a free mini concert.

This group "Mokume" were throwing down the goods!

And, the front man who is actually a girl was a true delight to watch and listen to.

If they had CDs to sell I would have bought one.

The fastest 30 minute concert I've ever attended.

Moving on as is everyone else.

There's a reason short skirts never go out of style.

It seems like all my walks lead me back to the Ooka river. This river is only 14 kilometers long and has over 80 bridges crossing it. The river is a walker's paradise.

Safety first! The vigilant crossing guard in Hinode-cho insures everyone crosses the street safely.

And, that's good because the streets are lined with bottles of sake!

Thus the citizens of this area are all happy people.

Power to the people! and I've got a train to catch home.

This is more than just a form of transportation. This is an adventure!

My ride has arrived and I've gotta go!
All images taken with a Panasonic GX7 camera and 15mm, 25mm and 42.5mm lenses.

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