Saturday, October 25, 2014

Walking + Camera = Fun

Me and my camera off to see what we will see on a bright beautiful autumn morning.

Oh the joys of walking. Just put one foot in front of the other and soon the world is going by at an enjoyable pace.

Walking is even better when you do it with a friend.

Undercover walking.

One of the many nice things about Yokohama is the sidewalks. This place is a walkers paradise.

Nippon Odori has especially wide sidewalks.

Plenty of room for everyone.

Since I'm close to Zou No Hana park I'll just see what's going on over there.

Well now, this looks promising.

Folk dancing!

One never knows what one will see. This is fun!

And, these ladies are good.

They move to the music so smoothly, so well choreographed; very impressive.

The participants are having such terrific fun.

This lady snagged a guy from the sidelines. At this age there's no need to be shy; if you see something you like, grab it!

Well, back on the streets watching the world go by.

I prefer not to listen to music while I walk; others need to walk to the beat of their favorite band.

A live performance in Yokohama Park. The day is full of surprises.

She's good and soon a crowd starts to gather.

While others in the park tend to other things.

Another nice thing for walkers in Yokohama is the abundance of clean public restrooms.

The Marlboro man in Yamashita park.

Showing some love for Yamashita park.

I never walk alone in Yokohama.

Speaking of happy surprises!  The Folk dancers have been replaced by Hula dancers!

I'm glad I came back to Zou No Hana park.


Double wow!

Dixieland band meets and greets with the dancers while the girls are waiting for the music to start for their last dance.

The big finale.

Back pounding the pavement. The day is so nice I feel like I could walk forever.

 Crossing the street to Aka Renga Soko where the Yokohama Oktoberfest is in full swing.

Beer lovers unite!

I enjoy a good cold beer but not now, I've got more walking to do. The paddle boarders are heading out to sea on the Ooka river.

Just when you think it can't get any better... it gets better! These guys were performing Okinawan songs with a kind of rock & roll twist.

This is the front of Kannai Hall in the Bashamichi district. There are often free concerts here on Sunday afternoon. It's always worthwhile to check this place out if you're in the area.

Time to head for home. I've walked for hours. My feet are tired, my legs are fatigued, and I couldn't be happier - it's been a wonderful day. I'm already looking forward to next weekend's walking adventure.
All images taken with a Panasonic GX7 camera and 15mm, 25mm and 42.5mm lenses.

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