Friday, June 13, 2014

Yokohama Dragon Boat Race 2014

It happens every year - Yokohama's Dragon Boat Race at Yamashita Park near China Town. And, like every year we went to watch the fun.

And, we were not alone. This event is very popular.

Here comes one of the race teams heading for the boats.

I'm a bit surprised at how popular this event is with the girls.

I think the police are getting to the bottom of a serious littering problem. The cop in the background is calling for back up.

Meanwhile the teams are making practice runs.

Emi is enjoying the day.

Go team! These guys are way ahead of the other two boats.

But not for long.

Here we are overlooking the loading zone.

This is where the teams get their life vests and paddles before entering the boats.

All together now - STROKE!

Some people are having just as much fun walking around the park.

There was also a band on hand to entertain the spectators.

I think this guy is Secret Service. Probably working under cover looking for more litter bugs.

The beer tent! Get a cold one and listen to the band play.

The afternoon Sun is getting strong.

However, the hot Sun isn't keeping people from having a good time in the park.

Well so much for the Dragon Boat Race of 2014; time to go home.

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