Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Analog Golden Week

Yes, it's film again. I took these pictures during Golden Week and they've just been laying around so I finally scanned them and here they are! For anyone interested most of these shots were taken with a Bessa R4M camera and a 15mm or 21mm wide angle lens.

First up are a couple images in Yokohama's China Town.

A very familiar view of Yamashita Park.

On top of the Yokohama International Passenger Terminal; better known as Oosanbashi.

It's fun for me to see these luxury liners and see the passengers departing the ship speaking languages that are foreign to me. They look happy and that makes me feel happy as well.

Some of these ships are massive.

Just having fun with the wide angle lenses.

This maritime museum is quite impressive and very informative on the maritime history of Japan.

Tourist in a Peddle Cab passing through Bashamichi.

The waterfront of Minato Mirai.

Pedestrians in Noge.

This lady was doing her best to get these dogs to pose for a picture.

Passing through Yamashita park again.

This is a popular site for newly weds to have their picture taken by professionals - and by total strangers like me.

I think I was using a 50mm lens for these two pictures.

Now back to the wides.

One last look at Bashamichi before heading home.

All images were taken with Fujicolor 100 ISO film.

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