Friday, June 6, 2014

Oodori Koen Pottery Fair 2014

We sure do love fine ceramic pottery. We love to look at it, buy it and use it. Our china cabinet is full of it! Any time we hear about a pottery fair, we're there. And so, last weekend we went to the Oodori Koen Pottery Fair in Yokohama.

This is pottery from the Island of Shikoku. This is Tobe pottery, not only is it beautiful, it is sturdy stuff made for everyday use.

Japanese ceramics come in all the colors of the rainbow, and more!

This year's Fair has quite a good turnout of people.

Fine weather for browsing about the pottery tents.

Looks like something went wrong here.

Cups, cups, and more cups - come and get a cup!

Wouldn't this Tanuki look good in your front yard? It'll help scare the garden gnomes away.

Maybe this cowboy is looking for a bull in a china shop.

If you use a wooden spoon to stir your coffee and cream & sugar it won't scratch your cup like a silver spoon will. I just made that up but it sounds plausible to me so I'm sticking with it.

These beautiful flower vases were selling for a very reasonable price.

This woman is looking at something with a very critical eye.

I'm not a big fan of this green & brown colored stuff.

It seems that everyone is enjoying the fair.

I think these bowls would look good on my kitchen table.

After buying a few pieces we left Oodori Koen and swung by the Yokohama Stadium where more vendors were set up.

Then we walked through Nippon Oodori where Hulk Hogan was waiting for us.

Naturally we kept on walking to Zou-No-Hana where the hula-hoop was making a big come back. This is a good day to be in Yokohama, there are events going on everywhere.

From Zou-No-Hana it's only a short walk to Aka-Renka-Soko where this contraption was set up for children to challenge themselves in survival of the fittest or something of that nature.

Looks like serious stuff to me.

Just around the corner from where the kids are trying to kill themselves a more traditional scene is playing out.

I think I've been caught!

Beautiful summer kimonos.

A fine example of a man enjoying his machine.

All this walking around made us a bit thirsty and hungry so we stopped by Noge to get a couple beers and some yakitori before heading home, A great way to end a great day!

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