Friday, June 27, 2014

Exploring Everyday Life In Yokohama

I love walking around aimlessly with a camera in hand taking pictures of whomever or whatever crosses my path. I'm always pleased and often surprised with the scenes that unfold in front of me.

A perfect example - I never expected to find a group of girls in Yokohama Park running drills for American football.

These girls are happy and not afraid to show it.

Some people have a way of standing out in a crowd.

I hope he doesn't make a habit of staring at his phone while in the company of the charming lady.

Another stand out, she even glows in a dark cafĂ©. The way she sat there motionless I thought she was a mannequin but it turned out that she was posing for a professional photographer who had rigged several lights to illuminate her.

ET in Yamashita park?

There must be a dress code in Yamashita park that requires all women to wear a hat and sunglasses in the summer.

Looks like fun!

Looks like more fun!

I wonder if the keys are in the ignition?

A summer stroll with the girls. I do believe that they're heading for a nearby restaurant for lunch.

There are times when I take pictures of things that are probably only interesting to me and nobody else.

The multifaceted Breezbay Hotel.

When in town try our tasty Panda ramen.

Emi seems more interested in checking out the live fugu (blow fish) swimming in the glass tank of the restaurant.

Boats moored along the bank of the mighty Ookagawa river.

If a small plane flew by I'd have Trains, Planes and Automobiles in this shot.

Another Radio Taxi.

On the border between Yoshidacho and Noge...

... that's where you'll find the famous bridge sleeper.

Well, there's no shortage of taxis in Japan. And, everyone that I've been in was clean and comfortable.

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