Friday, March 28, 2014

Misaki Morning Market - Asaichi

As the weather turns slightly warmer and we are revived from our winter hibernation, Emi and I find the energy to get up early Sunday morning (0500 am) and drive down to the Misaki morning market.

The morning market sells fruits, vegetables, seafood and many other things.

We can clearly see the difference between apples and oranges.

This lady was selling carrots of many colors.

Spring cabbage from the nearby fields of the Miura farmland.

This guy has his roots in cabbage, in fact its growing out of his head.

This family operation is selling delicious fish cake.

Sun dried fish.

Fresh baked breads and he's proud of it!

Iseebi - what a treat!

This fruit vendor was selling by the case, and was doing quite well!

The morning market is popular with all age groups.

Marinated tuna - very tasty!

Some people can't wait to get home to eat breakfast.

The market is located just across the street from the fishing boat port.

We always buy bananas from this guy.

These vendors are a hardy lot!

Like I said, this place is popular with all age groups.

One can never get enough seaweed and this guy has many kinds to choose from.

Dried mini shrimp, yummy!

Sardines grilled over a charcoal fire - oh yeah!

Grilled marinated tuna is the breakfast of champions.

Satisfied customers heading home and it's not even 0700 am yet.

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