Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 Film (part 2)

Same film different camera. This batch of pictures was shot with my Contax G2.

I try not to take to many pictures of signs, however, I do enjoy good graphics and so occasionally indulge.

I look forward to the bluer skies of spring.

The Ferris wheel is calling me, yet I'm afraid of heights. Perhaps in the near future, and perhaps not.

Don't ask me, I'm just a dog.

The makings of the future Miss Universe.

Not many like this one on the road.

An ocean cruise would do me good, if I was a rich man and could afford it.

Gotta get a China doll dress.

Window shopping in a meat market.

The Yokohama Hotel New Grand front entrance.

And, The Yokohama Hotel New Grand next to the Marine Tower.

It's Afraid Hitchcock time - The Birds!

Not the same results as the movie - these birds are friendly.

It certainly is a nice day for a walk.

One man, one camera,

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