Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 Film (part 1)

It's film time again and this time I paired the Superia X-TRA color negative film with my Fuji Klasse "W" compact camera. My previous post was of the Kawazu Sakura taken with a digital camera. The day before that I had visited the same location by myself with a couple of film cameras and these images are some of the results.

For a compact auto-focus camera I think the Klasse performs quite well. Fortunately it's not a total point & shoot; aperture priority is an option (and I use it). But, enough of the tech talk, let's enjoy the view.

This was on a Friday and I was surprised by how many people were out enjoying the cherry blossoms.

I like the reflections in the calm water of the pond.

Spring seems to put a smile on everyone.

The food vendors are doing some good business.

Peace and tranquility - that's the way I like it!

This Yakisoba  smells great.

There goes the train!

Mother nature has no competition when it comes to creating natural beauty.

A couple days later I was in Motomachi and took the opportunity to finish up the roll of film so I could get it developed.

No amount of rain will slow down the shoppers.

Last shot on the roll!

For anyone interested in the Fuji Klasse camera just Google it for details. It's a well made camera marketed domestically in Japan. Yodobashi Camera (mega chain store) still sells them new for about $400.00.  The only problem is that instructions for operation are only available in the Japanese language. Although, I did find an English translation on the internet after much, much searching.

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