Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Joy of Walking Around

I feel blessed to live in a place where going for a walk is fun and easy. I cherish my weekend walks; just grab my camera and head out the door, always somewhere to go and something to see.

This is the Bay Quarter in Yokohama.

Not far from the Bay Quarter is Rinko Park.

One of the best parts of walking around the Yokohama area is the abundance of clean public restrooms.

The view from the Men's room.

The pedestrians overpass at Zao No Hana offers a nice view of the waterfront.

When I took these next few pictures the Icho trees were at the peak of their autumn beauty.

There's only one thing better than walking around Yokohama, that's when a loved one goes with you.

Kayaking anyone?

The back streets of Noge are excellent for walking about.

I think this walking thing is catching on!

While walking by the Red Brick area we enjoyed watching a cruse ship get underway.

A stroll through China Town can be a bit difficult. It's always packed full of sight seers

The back streets aren't overly crowded.

Chungking's restaurant.

One of the four gates in China Town.

Milling about smartly.

A person can walk around for hours and never get tired; it's magical!

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