Friday, December 6, 2013

Another Nice Day in Yokohama

Greetings! I've been busy with work and travel so I'm posting up some pictures I took last month.

This was a nice crisp autumn day.

Everywhere I look I see happy people and yellow leaves.

Make that very yellow leaves.

Ahhh... love is everywhere

The waterfront is always active.

Never a shortage of photographers on a nice day like this.

On this day I extended my walk and went to the bluff to enjoy the view.

Not sure what this is other than what is seen.

One thing I like about Japan is that the majority of the public restrooms are well maintained.

Office ladies?

The unspoken conversation between mother and daughter.

A lady with bags but not a bag lady.

Can't pass by a lantern without taking a shot.

I call this picture "Man With Cell Phone"

Free Clams!

I'm always surprised by how much personality I can see in a child's face.

Bet he can't eat just one.

The Marine Tower.

Sneaking a peak inside Yokohama stadium.

Riding the rails and heading home.

Thanks for stopping by!