Monday, December 16, 2013

Hama in the Morning, Hama In the Evening

OK, I started out the day in Yokohama and then I ended the day in Kurihama. And, this is what I encountered along the way.

This is an uncommon site - a phone booth.

When I swung by the red brick area I found that they had set up the ice skating ring for the winter, and, quite a crowd was already enjoying the ice.

Next up I passed through the Zao No Hana water front and found that it was not nearly as crowded as I expected.

In fact, I had the place all to myself. The gas lamp makes a good sun dial.

Once I reached Yamashita Park the colorful people were coming out in all sorts of colors!

A white rose in the park was a welcome absence of color.

My old friend, Yokohama Stadium.

Typical street scenes in Noge as I work my way to Hinodecho station.

I caught an express train from Yokohama to Kurihama and started to make my way from the station to the beach.

At last, the familiar waterfront at Kurihama beach.

Very relaxing, I sat down and enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the boat landing.

Some signs are worth reading.

A last look at the bay before I visit my brother-in-law

Alright, one more look then I'm really off to visit!

Thanks for stopping by!

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