Thursday, September 5, 2013

Weekend in Nagano Prefecture

Last weekend Emi and I hit the road for a three day stay in beautiful Nagano.

On the first day we drove for several hours and just after noon we had lunch and then visited a shrine near the soba restaurant where we'd just finished eating.

I enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of the shrine.

Somehow all the different colors and textures add to the meditative feeling that surrounds the shrine.

Emi explores!

These children were watching the turtles swimming in the pond.

Back on the road we traveled to the area where we'd be spending the first night.

Near the small town where we'd be staying there was a field of flowers.

There was also a very old temple that we walked around to kill some time before we could check into the Inn.

After checking into the onsen Inn we took a long soak in the natural hot spring and then Emi did what she loves to do the most - read a book.

Next morning I took a little walk before breakfast. This is the front of the Inn; this place is quite old and maybe not in the best shape, but we were comfortable and the food and service was fantastic.

A mail box in front of a public bath house.

A small covered bridge attached to the Inn.

After checking out we went to the Shiraito waterfall. It's a popular sightseeing spot near Karuizawa.

Yes, it's me.

While this hiking trail looked inviting, we past it up preferring to check out the nearby shops and food vendors.

This is the front of the lodge where we spent our second night. This lodge caters mainly to hikers. It was so nice and comfortable that we plan to return in the future.

Next morning after checking out we stopped by a nearby pond to enjoy the peaceful beauty that only mother nature can provide.

Dang, I just keep popping up everywhere.

Last shot before we pointed the car homeward.

It was a long trip in terms of time on the road driving but it was well worth it.

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