Saturday, September 14, 2013

Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f.95 Lens

Today I decided to go out with one camera and one lens. Camera choice is the Lumix GX1 and the lens is the Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f.95. The GX1 is a micro 4/3 camera which means that the 25mm lens is a 50mm equivalent for a 35mm camera.  One last boring technical detail before we get to the pictures; the Nokton lens is a manual focus lens, yep, no auto focus with this baby. Oh, wait a minute, another boring tech detail: I always shoot a digital camera like it's a film camera; I set the ISO and just leave it set for the day - for today I set it to ISO 160 which is the lowest setting the GX1 can be set to. And, all pictures are straight out of the camera, no retouching or anything. Ok, now for some pictures.

Working my way through Yoshida-cho.

The fountain in Yokohama Koen (Park) in front of the Stadium.

It won't be long before the leaves in the park will start to change color.

Welcome to China Town!

There are so many signs and menus in front of the restaurants it's like running an obstacle course.

Not to mention the kamikaze pilots on the motor scooters.

But, it's all good, everyone just goes with the flow.

A visit to the temple in China Town is a must.

These intricate stone carvings beg to have their picture taken.

Because of the f.95 aperture I can take indoor pictures hand held without a flash.

A parting shot and time to move on.

The Port Memorial Hall's stain glass window is another example of the benefit of such a fast lens.

Along the way by the Kanagawa Prefectural Government building

Meet Nicki and Nicole they're always hanging out in Bashamichi.

Passing back through Yoshida-cho 

And, crossing over the bridge that leads to Noge.

A lantern in front of a Yakitori shop.

Inside looking out.

The famous and historical "Chigusa" Jazz bar/coffee shop.

"Two of Us"

One of us.

Outside looking in!

Noge is always interesting for me.

All aboard! And, hang on, we're takin' the A-train home.

It was a fun day for walking around with just one camera and one lens.

Thanks for stopping by!

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