Sunday, September 9, 2012

Great Weekend - Part 1

I just had a great weekend. For starters, I bought a new point-&-shoot camera and decided to give it a thorough work-out. I started taking pictures Friday after work and continued throughout Saturday and Sunday. The following are the highlights of my adventures.

To begin with, my new camera is a Lumix LX7 and it has a very fast f 1.4 lens which allows me to shoot pictures indoors without using a flash. Like this picture of Emi in a small hole-in-the-wall resturant we went to afterwork on Friday.

Ah, here comes some food from the kitchen.

The next day [Saturday] I decided to take the LX7 to Yokohama to really test it out. Here we are at Yokohama Station out on the platform; these are the guys that connect and disconnect the train cars.

And, these are platform attendants - they make sure that people get on and off the train safely before the train doors close and the train starts moving. This must be a tough job durring rush hour.

Once out of the station I just started snapping away at anything and everything:

Street performers!

We need a volunteer:

Singing his heart out:

Not sure everyone feels the love.

Well, there's plenty of love here at a wedding reception.

Back on the move, making my way to Hinodecho train station:

Taking it to the streets - Shooting wide angle.

Darn, here comes the rain!

And now here comes the train! I'm heading home on this one

Thanks for stopping by;
Great weekend part 2 - comming soon!


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