Saturday, June 9, 2018

Walk with me - Zeiss Biogon T* 25mm f2.8 ZM lens

Could the 25mm Zeiss Biogon T* f2.8 ZM lens be the ultimate street photography lens? I'm starting to think so. Walk with me through the streets of Yokohama and see what you think.

The phone rings... is it good news, bad news, or no news at all?

The bicycle has set her spirit free! Ride like the wind!

She has her phone in the ready position.

The deliveryman. Probably overworked and underpaid. It's a tough job but a man's got to make a living.

A woman's got to make a living too.

I like the 25mm field of view. I can move in close on the subject and still get plenty of the street scene in the background.

Some beautiful red lilies to brighten up my day.

When's the last time you paid for a nice view. Try it, it's fun! Ask any child and they'll confirm it.

A man and a woman - Osanbashi pier.

A view from the other side of the pier.

It's a beautiful day, sunny, warm and low on the humidity - perfect!

In Yamashita park there a signs, big signs, and they say get off your bike and walk.

Yes, it's  the Hikawa-maru; I just couldn't resist taking a picture of the grand old ship.

The entrance to the Hikawa-maru. I think it cost about 300 yen to tour the ship and it's well worth the price.

People - people - people, it's all about people.

Some people have better days than others.

On the move.

I try not to take pictures of people holding their phones but it's getting hard to do.

Phone addiction - it's real.

If you look carefully one can see a reflection of me in her sunglasses.

Enjoying Chinatown as part of a group tour.

Is he here on business or pleasure?


Happy to be here.

A group tour member looking for his group.

How does one choose a restaurant for lunch when there are hundreds of them and they all serve Chinese food. Welcome to Chinatown.

The mother and daughter relation.

 Ladies in black.

Friends on the go.

Coffee break!

Nothing compares to a smile.

I guess not everybody has a reason to smile.


Is that a phone in your pocket or are you just happy to be alive?

The Isezaki shopping street on a beautiful sunny day.

Arriving for her wedding in a Rolls Royce convertible.  I had to hold the camera over my head to get this shot.

It's beginning to look a lot like summer around here.

The summer casual look.

In sharp contrast is the lady in red!

When I saw the looks on their faces I didn't look back; I didn't want to know.

Last shot of the day: He don't need no stinking Zeiss 25mm lens to snap a picture - but I do!

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Bonus shots!
Sigma Sd Quattro camera and 85mm lens

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