Sunday, August 6, 2017

When all else fails, be happy!

That's it folks, be happy. Turn off the news, at least for a little while, go out and have some real fun. Go out and be around other people that are having fun.

A beautiful day in Rinko park. I love the clouds.

Emi is feeling playful.

A Rinko park landmark.

These girls look like they know a thing or two about having fun and being happy.

A few weeks ago I rode that Ferris wheel. It was a mix of fun and fear (I'm afraid of heights).

Fun, fun, fun... just follow the crowd.

It must be fun to to wear the same outfits; not that I'm going to do it.

The Ferris wheel towers over the roller coaster ride.

Nothing says how much a guy likes a girl than a date to the Yokohama Cup Noodle Museum (cup noodle gift bag in his left hand).

If it feels good do it.

Checking out the Red Brick Warehouse.

The Red Brick bar is open for business.

Moving on.

The ultimate sun screen protection.

Some more of that pair look thing.

Couples are a good thing.

You don't have to be rich to have a good time.

What's cooking out on the Osanbashi pier today, other than all of us under this hot sun?

Damn! That's a big ship.

Bigger than a bread box but kind of looks like a bread box.

I've been captured on film (digital image that is).

I saw her standing there... I took her picture. Emi was busy pretending she didn't know me.

By-the-way, I've been shooting all these pictures with a Voigtlander VM 21mm f4 Color Skopar P-Type lens mounted on a Sony A7II camera.

Shopping in Motomachi must be fun.

See, she's smiling - so it is fun.

Wearing sun glasses is not only fun, it's cool too!

Oh yeah, eating street vendor food in China town is fun.

You're looking good girl!

To really have some fun one needs to get unplugged from their iPhone (just my opinion).

Changing to a Sigma Sd Quattro camera and 30mm lens for these next few pictures.

Here's a girl that doesn't mind showing off her tattoo.

Photography is fun!!!

So is standing around like a summertime vodka advertisement.

Casual comfort is the way to go.

An unexpected surprise! Dancers in Yamashita park.

Beauty and...


And, comic relief.

Last shot of the day: Friends.
It doesn't take a lot to be happy, so get out there and smile!

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus photos!

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