Friday, July 14, 2017

Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar 15mm Lens

I spent a couple days walking around with the wide angle 15mm f4.5 lens mounted on my Sony A7II camera basically shooting from the hip and here are the results.

The thing about this lens is that one needs to get really close to the subject or they will appear to be far away. In this case I was standing right in front of the your lady with the camera around her neck.

I was only a couple feet away from the motorcycle but I would have liked to be even closer and shooting from a lower angle.

A well dressed group of people; probably just left a wedding reception.

People on the street.

So close and everything else is so far away.

The closer the better. Wide and tight.

Here comes the bus!

A jogger cooling off near Yokohama stadium.

The stadium fountain.

Baby, it's hot out here today.

Time to make a run through China town.

Follow the man with the flag.

The 15mm lens works well in the restaurant filled side streets.

There are hundreds of restaurants in China town.

Lady in Kimono.

Not only is she using a parasol she's also wearing sun shade covers on her arms.

This is an excellent example of how I like to use the 15mm lens. Close in on the main subject and with plenty of background.

I like the way the lanterns at this temple cast shadows on the ground.

Another up close with lots of background.

Gotta try that 100% beef cheesecake!

I see bell bottoms are making a comeback.

The shopping streets of Motomachi.

Nothing like a free sample.

Yamashita park.

Another guy that read my book "The Art of Retirement".

The Hikawamaru.

To hot out here for me to consider jogging but not for her.

Strangers passing in the heat of the day.

Time for a late lunch at "Jinya"one of my favorite restaurants.

Jinya is in an underground arcade with several stand bars.

A lot of people come here to quench their thirst in between gambling at a off-track horse racing venue on a floor up above.

Back out on the street in the hot afternoon.

Just outside Hinodecho train station.

Last shot of the day: No escaping the heat of the day.

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