Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summer - Parasols & Paradise

The summer season is here! And, with nothing special in mind I went out on several occasions with various cameras and lenses and took pictures of whatever caught my eye.

The official flower of summer - Hydrangea!

They bloom all over Japan and I never get tiered of trying to capture their beauty in an image.

Pretty in pink.

Not a hydrangea but beautiful none the less.

Two beautiful smiles amongst the flowers.

Summer brings out the parasols. More women carry them than those that don't.

A business man melts in the sun.

More of the same.

The warm weather brings out the joggers.

Summer clouds that look like they were painted on the sky.

A stroll in Yamashita park.

A parasol in Nihon Odori.

A gentleman shades his lady.

A summertime couple. Summer romance is in the air. Well, at least he might think so.

A mystery flower. What is it?

Stopping the harsh UV rays.

I call this the Marge Simpson flower.

Parasols on the waterfront.

Gotta protect that fair skin.

More joggers!

Like I said, more women carry them than don't.

Here's a guy that read my book: The Art of Retirement".

The flag flies in a light summer breeze.

A parasol for two.

It's a movement!

Bus tour guides!

Hikawa Maru on a hazy summer day.

Struttin' her stuff on the street!

Men don't have the guts to use a parasol.

A bus stop in Nihon Odori.

A guy that read my other book "Ideas for a cheap summer date".

Rule 1: Always look your best when escorting a beautiful woman.

Back to some flowers.

I was using my new Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f1.2 aspherical VM mount lens on a Sony A7II camera for this shot.

This one too!

Last shot of the day: Look up!

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