Monday, July 17, 2017

Voigtlander Color-Skopar 25mm f4 Lens

The Color-Skopar 25mm f4 lens: A discontinued but not disappointing lens from Voigtlander (Cosina). It's small, quite tiny compared to today's modern technology lenses; it's manual focus only and if you can find one it's not very expensive. Oh, and it's only available in M-mount.

Part One: Street life! With the lens mounted on my Sony A7II camera using an M-mount adapter I headed out to the streets of Yokohama.

A jogger sprinting toward the Noge district.

An outdoor coffee shop, not a cafe, they sell the beans here!

Summer casual. Trying to be cool and breezy on a hot summer day.

Sometimes the summer heat can make a guy feel a little cranky.

Jaywalking in Nihon Odori.

This lens is pretty sharp; not sure why it was discontinued.

25mm is (in my opinion) the ideal wide angle lens for everyday use.

The sun shines bright near Kannai station.

The Isezaki-cho shopping street. There are signs everywhere that say no riding bicycles; always ignored.

Come on get happy!

No shortage of lanterns in Hinodecho.

Jean Genie and her iPhone.

Bashamichi and her hat is glowing from the sun's rays.

She's got places to go and things to do.

She gave me a look, that "get your camera out of my face" look.

Wondering outside of the crosswalk. That's what happens in real life.

Part Two: Walking the Nobi - Kurihama coast line.

No better place for a wide angle lens than the beach!

Lying Frying in the sun.

Nobi beach is not for surfers.

I often come here to enjoy walking.

Nice sidewalks, rarely crowded, nice view too!

I seem to have the place to myself.

The land in the distance is the Bosso peninsula.

We have reached the end of the Nobi coast line walk.

In between the Nobi coast and Kurihama beach is the Kurihama power plant.

Kurihama beach!

It's not as exciting as Waikiki or Malibu but drink a few cold beers and it'll be just fine.

A concrete breakwater.

The fishing boats have a low profile so they can pass under the bridge that I'm standing on.

Sometimes a picture is only worth 2 words.

Last shot of the day: Where the river meets the sea, that's where I'll be!

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