Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ohanami on the Ookagawa River - 2017

This is it! This is what we've been waiting for - the cherry blossoms along the Ookagawa river are in full bloom. Well, we got one small problem; it's raining.

A little rain won't dampen the spirits of the hardcore enthusiasts.

The show must go on for the serious blossom viewers.

They came, they saw, they got wet.

I'm going home on the Keikyu train (seen just above the tree line). I'll be back tomorrow when the weather conditions are predicted to be better.

Day 2: Return to the Ookagawa river, and, things are much better today.

It's overcast, no blue sky, but, this is as good as it's going to get because it will rain again tomorrow and by then the peak will be over.

The crowds of drunken party goers have been replaced with pre-school kids.

Early Monday morning, I love the way the tree branches reach over the fence and down toward the river.

A fellow enthusiast taking a picture.

Here comes the tour boat. Not so many people this early in the day.

The Ookagawa has many bridges over the river.

There are people that live on this road - do they know how lucky they are?

I guess I'm as much of a people viewer as I am a blossom viewer.

This is perfect! I could walk up and down the river all day.

Looking up at the trees - everyone is doing it.

Another gang of pre-school kids.

The Ookagawa has a lot of bridges crossing it and everyone is different.

I'm just taking it as it comes.


A bridge with a view.


Trying to get the shot.

The party was over yesterday. Must have been a heck of a party.

Who needs cherry blossoms when they have an iPhone to view.

Some of us are moving down stream, others are moving up... it's all good.

The tree branches form a sort of flower canopy to walk under.

Smile for the camera!

Or, don't smile for the camera.

I was done for the day. Riding the train back home I was sitting opposite of a couple little girls that were obviously very good friends. They kept laughing and having such terrific fun.

One of them said something that was so funny the convulsed with laughter.

If one could put the joy and friendship these two share into a bottle of medicine it would certainly be a cure for the blues.
It was a great day!

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