Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Walk in the Park is Good for One's Health

It's all about connecting with the world outside in a healthy and happy way. There's no need to climb Mt. Everest or follow the Nile river to its source. A simple walk in a local park can easily bring one the peace and tranquility needed to feel a sense of happiness and contentment. Follow me!

The park bench beckons. It calls to the weary to sit and rest; enjoy the view, feel the warmth of the sun.

Enjoy the view at Rinko park.

And, there's the beauty of flowers at Rinko park too.

Smile and stroll, stroll and smile.

I waved at the tourists on the pleasure boat after taking this picture and they enthusiastically waved back. It feels good to be friendly to strangers.

This is "The Cup Noodle Museum Park"... no kidding.

A maritime vessel moored at Shinko pier. It looks very clean.

The wide open space of the Yokohama waterfront near the Red brick warehouse area. The nice part of walking around here is that there are clean restrooms everywhere.

Always be prepared.

This time of year there is no shortage of flowers to line what ever path one decides to take.

Well, well, well, the tulips in Yokohama park are popping up in force today.

Wow! And, it's gong to get better in the days ahead.

I'm not the only one out enjoying a walk in the park.

There are so many different colors.

This is amazing.

 People of all ages are out here today.

All sizes too.

This is an unusual flower. I've never seen the likes of it before.

Tulips surround the Yokohama Historical Archive building.

This year the city of Yokohama has gone all out in Yamashita park.

The Indian Pavilion in the background.

The Hikawa Maru doing what it does best - sit at the pier.

A lot of open space at Yamashita park - come and enjoy!

I don't think a person can walk more than 10 feet without standing in front of some tulips.

The majestic cherry blossom tree in near full bloom.

Bad moods are not allowed here.

Well, if one shows up with a bit of stress and a foul mood just give it time, it'll be gone before one leaves.

Hey, it's me! Well, it's my reflection. This is the small park next to the Yokohama Archives of History building. Mirrors in the park, what a novel idea.

Last shot of the day - I like the yellow tulips the best!

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