Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Celebration In Bashamichi

A crisp autumn day in Yokohama. As usual I was out and about with camera in hand and no idea where I was going and what I would see and do.

Autumn colors illuminated by the mid morning sun.

Well, well, well! This is out of the normal. A horse and buggy on the main street of Bashamichi.

Hey, a surrey with fringe on top!

Man versus horse.

It's nice to see a man enjoying his work.

It's a festival. I won't go into details but Bashamichi has significant history with early western settlers.

This is nice.

How about a smile!

This festival is quite popular.

A photo op in front of the Kanagawa historical museum.

Smile for the camera.

The constable is keeping an eye on things.

It's a good day for photography.

As much fun as the festival is it was time to move on and see what else was going on. The leaves in Yokohama park are turning from green to yellow.

It's a short walk from Yokohama park to Yamashita park where this little girl was watching the seagulls.

A mystery woman in a white hat. This is not a fashion look that I typically see on the waterfront.

The flower garden in Yamashita park is looking magnificent.

Passing through Zou-No-Hana terrace and this couple has the right idea for enjoying the afternoon.

A man and a woman enjoying the day together.

Strolling through Noge on my way to the Hinodecho train station.

It was a pretty good day for a guy with no plan. Time to head home.

Day 2: I had so much fun yesterday I decided to return to for a second look today.

The flower garden in Yamashita park has such a nice atmosphere.

A great place to enjoy lunch.

A lot of girls in the park today enjoying the flowers.

The city of Yokohama must spend a lot of money maintaining their parks in such excellent conditions.

The pigeons know where the grass is greener.

A good place to pause and reflect.

Time for a coffee break.

The Veloce cafe is my favorite coffee shop - it's cheap and clean!

The service is top notch too!

Sometimes the window is more interesting than the view. Especially inside the Port Opening Memorial Hall.

Lighting the way outside a ramen shop.

It was another fantastic day, but all days must come to an end; time to ride the rails home.

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