Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nobi Beach - A Closer Look

In my last post I took a few shots of Nobi beach but I didn't think I did the place justice. So, I went back on a nicer day and now I'm presenting "A Closer Look".

For this post I went to the beginning of the beachfront walking promenade.

Access to the promenade is next to a Lawson's convenience store that is actually closer to Keikyu Nagasawa train station than the YRP Nobi station. From either station it's not that far of a walk.

As I walked along the beachfront I was treated to some lovely ocean and cloudy sky vistas.

There are a lot of breakwaters and shore reinforcements. Things can get pretty rough here in a typhoon.

This was my first time to walk the promenade from the real beginning and I'm quit impressed.

This is a great place for beach goers that want to enjoy the ocean without laying around on the sand.

A bit of rust from the salt air corrosion adds some charm to this pavilion..

I can imagine that on the weekend there are more joggers exercising here.

This place is nice!

The old man and the sea (Japanese version).

There are concrete steps leading to the water all all along the walkway.

Gone fishing.

This beats the heck out of sitting in the house and watching TV.

Most importantly - there is a clean restroom! When I say clean, I mean clean! On the other side of this restroom facility was a water station for people to wash the sand off their feet and to drink water.

The land mass on the other side of the bay is Boso peninsula.

Being less popular than other beaches on Miura peninsula has its up side - not a lot of people here. It seems like most of the people I encountered were locals out for some fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

This is where the promenade ends and the we must take to the sidewalk that runs along the Kitashitaurakaigan-dori (street).

A look back before moving forward.

Dogs like the waterfront too.

Moving down the road.

The surf is not up!

This part of Nobi beach is more natural; less developed than the promenade area.

A place where one can take off their shoes and socks, roll up their pants and feel the sand between their toes.

Like that guy down there.

Not only is the restroom clean down on the beach there is a cleanup crew picking up trash.

This part of the Kitashitaurakaigan-dori is being worked on to repair damage caused by a typhoon.

More vistas!

It is really pleasant here today. I wish I had packed a lunch and a cooler of beer. Well, at least a cooler of beer.

Shifting from sandy beach to rocky shore.

In the upper right corner are some of the waterfront properties. It must be nice to wake up and look out on the ocean every morning.

A spot of blue sky.

See, I didn't make up the name of this street.

Just around the corner of Nobi beach is the power plant in Kurihama. Hmmm, looks like a little preservation is needed.

I am not alone!

And, now I'm at Kurihama's Perry-dori named after Commodore Matthew Perry (look it up). Pigeons! I guess the beak shall inherit the earth.

Last shot of the day: The British made Triumph Bonneville motorcycle in all its glory. When I was younger (much younger) this was the motorcycle I wanted to have. This bike is rarely seen around these parts of Japan.
Well, that was a closer look at Nobi beach. If you liked what you saw I think it's well worth your time to visit; that is if you're in Japan and close to the Miura peninsula.

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