Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Godzilla lives in Kurihama - True!

I heard about a flower park in Kurihama and I decided to check it out. I've actually heard about this place for many years but never considered exploring so close to home. Well, times have changed and I'm looking inward as well as outward. So, off I set for Kurihama to see what there was to see.

I found the entrance to the park not so far from the Kurihama ferry landing.

A map at the entrance showed the lay out of the park quit clearly. It's a 2 kilometer route that crosses over a pretty big hill.

Up, up, and away! There is no warm up time, the trail immediately starts to ascend at a pretty good angle.

Passing by the sign that is visible from the ferry landing. Still ascending; this is great exercise for those that consider walking up a steep hill good exercise.

As the hill levels off a bit I discover a nice little restaurant that features spaghetti and pizza.

There is nothing I like better than a park with clean restrooms. This one was Spic & Span clean.

While it's late in the season there are still some flowers in bloom.

Good dependable transportation; like a cattle car for children.

As the hill finally leveled out and I came around the bend in the trail I noticed a small city bus with small children pouring out of it. What could it be?

Oh my goodness! It's Godzilla's home! The children were making a bee line to the belly of the beast. The belly is actually the entrance to a slide that exits out his rear-end and down his tail.

Behind Godzilla is a pretty cool playground for kids.

Moving on I was now in search for the cosmos flowers that the park is famous for. There is supposed to be a huge field of beautiful cosmos flowers somewhere in this park.

Uh-oh, I'm too late. The fields have been cleared and preparations are in place for next seasons plantings.

As I descended down the hill I noticed a nice wood patio for enjoying the outdoor atmosphere; read a book, eat a lunch or just chat with a friend.

Down the hill I go past the bare field covered with bags of fertilizer.

This end of the trail is the entrance nearest the Kurihama train station. Everything was closed for the season.

Well, at least I could get a can of coffee from a vending machine and take a little break by these nice flowers.

Exiting the entrance.

The avenue leading up to the park is lined with cherry blossom trees. This will be extraordinary in the spring when the blossoms are in bloom.

Just outside the flower park is another park. This is the kind of park where one would bring their preschooler to run amok.

This pavilion would make great shelter from unexpected rainfall.

A couple of old friends having lunch.

I was so impressed with the park that a couple days later I returned for a second look.

I started from the Kurihama train station side of the park. Today there were young school children playing in the park.

Today there were gardeners working the flower fields.

Climbing higher and higher. I must be getting old; not shown in the picture is a mother with a baby in a stroller passing me by like I was standing still.

A view from the top. I'm really looking forward to seeing this place when the cosmos is in bloom.

Having fun with Godzilla! This Godzilla replica is quite life like. Great attention to detail.

Funny what changing the camera angle can do to make a park play thing look like a menacing monster.

And, nearby a couple of parents quietly sip their tea while keeping an eye on their children playing in the park.

Working my way through the park.

What goes up must go down.

Pausing on the way down at a lookout point to take a picture of the ferry port.

The power plant is easily visible from here too.

Back down on sea level taking pictures of anything that doesn't move; fishing port junk!

Kurihama beach junk boats.

Last shot of the day: Just walking along the river on my way to the train station.
For anyone living in this area looking for a cheap way to enjoy the outdoors, I highly recommend visiting the Kurihama flower park. Just google it for a ton of information and images.

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