Thursday, January 21, 2016

Visiting Yamanashi Prefecture

Back on the road for a return visit to Yamanashi prefecture.

By taking country roads that are less traveled we discover great scenic views like this view of Mt, Fuji and lake Yamanakako.

The road less traveled.

Now for the road frequently traveled like this lake shore parking area for tourist.

The sunny side of life.

One final shot of Mt. Fuji before moving on.

Next up we went to a temple in the town of Enzan.

Temple grounds are a great place to stroll around and absorb the air of tranquility.

Nothing but peace and quiet.

This small pond on the temple grounds was already frozen over with ice.

This structure was the gateway to the main building.

A view through the gate.

I am not alone. Another man saying a prayer.

I enjoy the details. Many of these things must surly have some deep meaning that is lost on me; but I don't care. I just enjoy the simple beauty of these things and move on.

Iron hinges on the door.

Moss, stones and water; in this sort of surrounding one can begin to think clearly and reflect on one's inner feelings.

I've been here before, I'll come here again; but for now I'll say goodbye to the temple and move on to the town of Isawa.

This time of year Isawa is a bit drab. Cold, gray, not a single leaf on the cherry trees... I love it!

This stream runs through the hotel district and provides visitors with a plesant place to walk and enjoy the sound of the running water.

In the spring when the cherry trees are in blossom this place is transformed into a magical paradise.

This is where things get interesting. Sunday afternoon I took this picture of the front of the hotel where we were staying.It  was an excellent hotel. The hot spring fed baths were perfect, the food was simple yet tasty and the service was 5 star. We went to sleep that night in a warm comfortable room with a great feeling of contentment.

Egad! The next morning when I looked outside I discovered about a foot of snow on the ground.

A snow storm had raged through the night while we were sleeping snugly in our warm futons.
Well, luckily my Suzuki Jimny is equipped with 4-wheel drive. And, after a very long 8 hour drive we arrived safely home.

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