Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Blurred Lines

I don't think we need to always live in a world where everything is perfectly focused. Sometimes things get a little foggy, not everything is clear, the lines start to blur a little; that is life. This is why I've been doing a lot of photography with manual focus lenses on a digital camera.

Strolling along

If I can count the number of things in focus on one hand I'm living in the real world.

Maybe things are a little blurry because the streets are lined with bottles of sake.

One of those "the light just came on" moments.

They've got someplace to be.

Movers and waiters

The streets of Yokohama are best navigated on a mama-san bike

The sun shines brightly on the street where I don't live.

Das Volkswagen

I can clearly see that this is not clear. By-the-way, Tommy Oshima is the master of out-of-focus photography.

The ships come and the ships go carrying their passengers from port to port while we remain firmly rooted where we are.

(1) Children: they run, they stop, they run again.
(2) Adults: they work, they stop, they work again.

The iPhone will turn everyone into zombies.

The world beyond the screen of ones iPhone is filled with objects d' art.

Simplicity and beauty are everywhere; sometimes one need only to look up to find it.

When the lines begin to blur embrace it.

The moons around the painting

No wine, no life.

Who would have guessed how popular convenience stores would become? There's one on every corner and several in between.

The bag man

I call this "Untitled".

She's a friend of Nicky and Nicole.

One cool dude!

One more cool dude!

I told him, "man, you're preaching to the pigeons"

Some people see the crate as half empty...

Where everybody knows your name
And they're always glad you came

Another light bulb moment

The lunch hour rush is over.

She said goodbye, and that was that!

Days often begin the same way and they end the same way too; it's everything that goes on in between that makes up what we're all about.
 The winners laugh the losers cry; deal the cards the games not over

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