Friday, March 6, 2015

Miurakaigon Kawazu Sakura 2015

It's that time of year again. The early blooming Kawazu Sakura trees planted along the Kehin Kyuko train line on Miura peninsula are blooming.So, last weekend I went to have a look.

Just outside the train station the first thing one sees is a beautiful tree covered in blossoms.

The second thing one sees is vendors selling local produce.

After a short walk along the tracks we come to the beginning of the tree line.

The mustard greens are also in bloom and the yellow makes a nice contrast to the pink.

Steps leading to the pond.

Out at the pond the pace slows down and some people sip sake while enjoying the view.

Everyone takes pictures.

Good to know info.

It's fun to see the train rush by.

Because many of the automobile drivers get distracted by the beautiful cherry blossom trees local volunteers act as crossing guards to help keep the sightseers safe.

Back at the station I see that love is in bloom too!

It was so enjoyable last weekend I decided to go back again this past Wednesday for a second look.

I would say that today the blossoms are at their peak. And, everyone is having a grand time.

Done the steps and under the train tracks.

Back to the pond we go.

It had been raining and the ground was a bit muddy so nobody was sitting on the bank of the pond.

Young and old (mostly old) are having fun.

Forgot to bring a box lunch? No problem hot food is sold right here.

Posing for a picture.

After leaving the pond I went to a train overpass and was just in time to get a picture of the seldom seen "Yellow Train".

I was not the only photographer hanging around.

On my way back to the station the weather cleared up and the grey skies turned to blue!

Not only are mustard greens beautiful, they are also healthy to eat.

Here comes the train and I'm soon riding the rails.

It was still early in the day so I decided to stay on the train until Yokohama so I could take some pictures of the King, Queen and Jack for my friend JoeW.

Behold the "Queen" the Yokohama Customs House.

The "Jack" the Port Opening Memorial Hall.

And now the "King" the Kanagawa Prefectural Government building.

While taking the pictures of the King, Queen and Jack I was amazed at the beautiful sky. So, I strolled around a little more and snapped these shots.

If I was a painter this is the sort of thing I'd love to paint.

Someday maybe my friend DocK will pass under this sign.

Plenty of girl power on display at Yamashita park.

Sometimes it's good to be a tourist.

Last shot of the day, and it's a wide one! The Hikawa Maru, permanently moored here at Yamashita park.
I hope everyone enjoyed, and as usual...

Thanks for stopping by!

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