Friday, March 20, 2015

Living for the weekend, part 1

Working Monday through Friday is part of life; I do it without complaint. Oh, but I do love the weekends so very much. That's when I can go out with my camera and just walk around and enjoy the sights as they unfold around me. These are some images from my weekend about 3 weeks ago.

The joy of spring is in the air.


It's a good day for a walk

Some kind of festivities are going on here at Aka Renga Soko

Plugged in

It's a Ramen festival! Complete with outdoor heaters.

Correction - it's a Ramen Girls festival.

An ecco friendly way to travel around town.

Ride rider, ride!

One of the gates to Yokohama China Town

The people we meet on the streets of China Town.

We're all separately living together

We make eye contact, we move on.

Father & Son, a bond of love and responsibility.

China Town is one of the few places where it is common to see people eating on the sidewalks.

A delivery man pushes against a sea of humanity.

When you've had enough, walk away.

A quick peak at the elite in Motomachi

The road is long, wide too!

Everyday is a weekend for the birds

A stroll through Bashamichi on my way homeward.

I'm not the only one living for the weekend.

If I was that guy I'd put the phone away and give her all my attention.

One of the off-track betting crowd. The winners laugh, the losers cry... place your bets.

Hinodecho crossing

This one is for me!

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