Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sony A7II & Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.5

This is the last of my 3 part series on the Sony A7II camera combined with a 50mm manual focus lens. Today I'm using the Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.5 aspherical lens.

The exotic Isezaki shopping street.

Outside of Starbucks in Bashamichi

Under the overpass at Zounohana

Normally one would not think to use a 50mm lens for a landscape (or should I say cityscape?) picture. It seems to work.

Can you keep a secret? I'm in Yokohama!

Inside looking out at the Yokohama Historical Archives.

For the youngsters out there that may be bewildered by this picture; this is a rotary dial pay phone.

The cold and windy streets of Yamashita-cho.

Once (or twice) again, the Indian pavilion in Yamashita park.

Walkin' the dog.

The seagulls have no respect for the girl scouts statue.

The Hotel New Grand. It's a great place to stay, if you can afford it.

Shallow depth of field is easily obtained with the f1.5 lens.

There are some exquisite stone carvings on the back side of this shrine in China town.

Yamate (referred to as "The Bluff") where young and old are on a head on collision course.

In memory of in the foreigners cemetery.

I'm never alone in the bluff.

More great vistas with the 50mm lens.

Moving off the bluff and heading to the lowlands.

Cherry tree in the foreground, Marine Tower in the far.

Lets go shopping.

Fresh baked bread and all I need now is a jug of wine!

In a comparison shot the 50mm 1.5 does just as well as the 50mm f1.1.

"O" marks the spot!

At this time of year the afternoon sun can be quite harsh.

Entrance to the Isezaki shopping street.

Even the "Green Lantern" needs a little down time. Actually, I think that the wind blew it of the hook.

They hung him up by his middle finger!

I think a Sony A7II coupled with a 50mm lens is all I need for a day of shooting. The problem is, which one? All three of the 50's I used are great. I guess I'll just have to use them all!

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